More public charging stations will help reduce EV range anxiety, and other solutions are also emerging (image courtesy of US Department of Energy).

Argonne Assembles Electric Vehicle Experts to Create Better Experiences at Charging Stations

Task Force members address a priority for electric vehicle drivers: making sure the charging technology works The process of accessing a charging app, swiping a card through a reader, plugging the charging cord into the outlet and waiting for the battery to charge should be a seamless experience for users. … [continued]

Free Webinar: Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption With Industry-Wide Implementation Of ISO/IEC 15118

As more electric vehicle (EV) models are released and EV charging stations are deployed, the technology supporting the growth has evolved, being driven by consumer and business use cases. This evolution is most apparent in the Combined Charging System’s (CCS) rapidly growing use of charging communication protocol ISO/IEC 15118. Learn more about this important charging technology in this free webinar.

White House Targets 350 kW, 10-Minute EV Fast Charging

Aside from $4.5 billion for EV charging DOE loan guarantees, an Electric Vehicle Hackathon, publishing Guiding Principles to Promote Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure with 50 industry partners, launching the “FAST Act process” to identify and streamline development of EV charging corridors across the United States, a push for EV procurement at all levels of government, … [continued]