Plug n’ Play Solar PV Systems Aim to Juice the Home-DIY Market

‘Plug n’ Play’ solar home photovoltaic (PV) systems are making their way into the commercial mass market, offering DIY types, home and building owners the prospect of getting a solar PV power system up and running at low cost with heretofore unobtainable ease. A demonstration of the first two versions of Onyx Service and Solutions’ Plug-N-Play solar PV systems is set to take place in Orlando, Florida.

Green Gadget Holiday Shopping Gift Review

With holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to think about presents for your loved ones. Gift options abound, and it can be tough to tell which will be a hit and which are destined for the return line.

Fortunately for your shopping lists, energyNOW! correspondent Patty Kim researched this year’s coolest clean tech gadgets to help figure out which will help your friends and family go green.

4 More Cleantech Policy Stories

Some top cleantech policy stories from around this week: 1. Clean Energy Standards Create Clean Air & Water with No Cost to Economy The U.S. is sorely in need of a clean energy standard. A recent post by Richard Caperton, Director of Clean Energy Investments at the Center for American Progress, … [continued]

5 More Cleantech Consumer Products

5 more new cleantech consumer product stories: 1. Volvo recently released a series of videos on Volvo’s new C30 Electric, which is now on the roads of Europe. The first video, “A Milestone in the Automotive Industry,” is above, and the next 9 are on the C30 Electric’s: “Battery System,” “Electrical Architecture and … [continued]

Clean Energy Politics Link Drop

Here are some good stories on clean tech politics from the last week or so (other than what we’ve covered). U.S. and China / International Fearing high gas prices, Sean Hannity proposes re-invading Iraq and Kuwait to “take all their oil” Friday’s Hannity on Fox News featured a discussion by the Great … [continued]