Republican States Have The Loneliest (& Dirties) Commutes — Infographic

The emerging popularity of electric vehicles has helped to alleviate the burden of vehicular carbon dioxide emissions. Nevertheless, American states still have an outsized carbon footprint. With gas-powered vehicles responsible for troubling carbon dioxide emissions in the US, a small difference, such as driving with a coworker and/or driving electric, can help create change.

Nuances In Ridesharing: Trusting Strangers, Not Institutions — Bla Bla Car & Casual Carpool

Opera Singers, violinists, ballet dancers, and others who go from city to city season to season — all around the world — are a great source of travel idea options. They know the ropes. They are adept at using the connections available due to international or regional travel apps. There are expanding their means of travel beyond train and bus routes, and beyond simple taxis.

One singer recently shared more about travel and modern nuances in carsharing and on-demand taxi services. He uses a variety of services as a traveling performer in the Arts.

Other Cool Green News

Alongside my climate news, renewable energy news, bicycling + transit news, and electric vehicle news roundups, here’s a roundup of top electric vehicle news from around the interwebs. Eliminating Air Pollution– One Molecule at a Time World’s First 3D-Printed Building Completed In Dubai Joya Da Terra Makes Sustainable Footwear From Coconut Fiber Seattle’s Bullitt Center Stands As The Greenest … [continued]

Solar News, Electric Car News, Wind News: Cleantech & Green News Roundup

Below are some great articles and interesting news from around the interwebs, to complement CleanTechnica‘s obsessive coverage. Enjoy. Highlight Article Almost Everything You Know About Climate Change Solutions Is Outdated, Part 1 Almost everything you know about climate change solutions is outdated, for several reasons. First, climate science and climate politics … [continued]

Biking & Transit Soar In Washington, DC

This article was originally published on Bikocity. DC has been growing its bicycling bragging rights and swagger over the past few years. New commuting data just add to that. Bicycle commuting in the city more than doubled between 2000 and 2011. Tanya Snyder of Streetsblog Capitol Hill writes: In DC, cyclists … [continued]

Ridejoy to Launch Ride-Sharing App

It’s common knowledge that the amount of fun on road trips is directly correlated to the number of passengers in the car playing DJ, telling tall tales, and splitting costs. Enter Ridejoy, a ride-share site where users can post offers to drive, or passengers can look for drivers headed where … [continued]