Carlos Tavares

Vinfast electric car being produced in Vietnam. Photo by Kyle Field | CleanTechnica.

Is All The Anti-EV Sales Hype Driving Costs Down Faster?

There are multiple things going on at once here. First of all, the big big picture is that electric car sales have grown enormously in the past decade, far more and far faster than almost all conventional industry analysts and insiders expected. Secondly, growth right at this moment is a … [continued]

Peugeot CEO Carlos Tavares Is An EV Noob

After the cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show, as compensation for the missed opportunity to interact with the press, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Peugeot, held a conference call with a number of journalists. There were some discussions about the future electrification of the automotive industry. His comments on the subject were shocking for the ignorance they revealed.