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From Cloud to Carbon: Revolutionizing Product Development with PTC Arena, ProGlove, Yook

In a recent CleanTech Talk episode, I talked with Markus Fleckenstein, Director of Solution Consulting for Arena, a PTC Business; Varena Junge, co-founder of Yook; and Tim Klenner, Supply Chain Manager at ProGlove; about a partnership between these companies to cut supply chain emissions. By integrating Arena’s cloud-based PLM system with ProGlove’s solutions and also leveraging Yook’s carbon footprint analysis platform, the collaboration optimizes a company’s product lifecycle development. Confused? Listen to the podcast and read on.

Republican States Have The Loneliest (& Dirties) Commutes — Infographic

The emerging popularity of electric vehicles has helped to alleviate the burden of vehicular carbon dioxide emissions. Nevertheless, American states still have an outsized carbon footprint. With gas-powered vehicles responsible for troubling carbon dioxide emissions in the US, a small difference, such as driving with a coworker and/or driving electric, can help create change.