Photo by Chanan Bos | CleanTechnica

Op-Ed: Is It Time To End The Elon Musk Fanboi Era?

The good readers and supporters of CleanTechnica support EVs, wind energy, solar power, batteries, and renewables technology, notwithstanding the several industry trolls who sometimes visit our comment section. We understand that the unquestionable primary leader for EVs in this period has been Elon Musk. To say that his contributions, along … [continued]

Fires, Floods, And The Coming Of Zoltan

This morning, the first story I saw was one of Steve Hanley’s latest articles on CleanTechnica, “Should People Be Prevented From Living In Fire And Flood Prone Areas?” It seems a majority of people in the U.S. would support a ban on building in areas at risk from such natural disasters as flooding and fires. A majority would also support buying out people whose homes are at risk.

Abigail Disney Issues Broad Indictment Of Toxic Capitalism

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Roy Disney, testified before the House in favor of those legislative initiatives last week and she brought her A game. She prefaced her remarks with these words: ““We have begun to cannibalize the very people that make this economy thrive.” Last month, she called the $66 million dollar compensation package for Disney CEO Robert Iger an “insane” amount of money. Give ’em hell, Abigail!