Cancer Alley

Solar power plant in Crimea, Ukraine. Photo by Zachary Shahan | CleanTechnica.

Louisiana Takes A Stance Against Solar & Clean Energy — Because It’s An Oil &…

I saw an article in The Advocate today with the statement “I thought we were an oil and gas state” in the headline. It also stated that solar developments were drawing scrutiny. That particular article is paywalled. Since I subscribe to The Advocate, I read the piece and wanted to … [continued]

Sharon Lavigne Recognized For Fight “To Breathe Clean Air” in Cancer Alley

Lifelong Louisiana resident, retired teacher, and grassroots activist Sharon Lavigne was awarded the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize for her victorious and continued environmental justice activism in “Cancer Alley.” Lavigne, founder of the faith-based advocacy organization RISE St. James, successfully blocked the construction of a $1.25 billion plastics manufacturing plant in … [continued]