Canada clean energy

Ontario Cleans Its Hands Of Coal

Canada’s “little Germany” has cut per-capita emissions 24% since 1990. The Ontario government announced on Friday that it will introduce legislation next week to ban the burning of coal and the building of new coal plants. The Canadian province expects to have completely outgrown coal by 2014, thanks to a combination of … [continued]

Nova Scotia Building 3 New Wind Farms

  Canadian Atlantic province Nova Scotia has recently given the green light on three commercial wind projects. Announced on August 2nd by the Nova Scotia Power Advisory, the province’s renewable energy body, the three projects announced include: A 78-megawatt (MW) South Canoe wind project in between Chester and Windsor Nova … [continued]

Manitoba Announces Renewable Energy Jobs Fund

  Manitoba is set to create a New Energy Jobs Fund, to compliment Manitoba’s clean cheap energy from Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger said in a press release recently. “Manitoba is a leader in renewable energy, with major investments in hydro, wind, geothermal heating and bio-energy,” Selinger said. The … [continued]