Hyundai Ioniq 5 Goes Glamping In The UK

It’s called Hotel Hyundai, and it’s an EV-powered getaway inspired by market research showing that people in the UK are looking for sustainable travel options that are both affordable and environmentally conscious. The Korean carmaker set up the Hotel Hyundai site in Essex, where it’s curated by British food critic … [continued]

Electric Camper Vans? Yes, Please!

As electric powertrains and batteries increase in scale globally, production costs come down, which opens up new markets for competitive electric vehicles. That means new markets geographically and it also means new markets in terms of vehicle classes and uses. While we’re still in the early days, one hot trend … [continued]

Haaks Is A Dutch Tiny House You Can Have Delivered, Or Take Out

With so many of us sheltering in place or locked down in our homes altogether, the tiny house thing may have lost some of its appeal in recent days. Even so, the simplicity and the “getting away from it all” vibe of the movement will always speak to people with wandering hearts, and Dutch company Haaks Campers just made it easier than ever to have your tiny house delivered wherever you want it.