Why Solar Isn’t Enough

By Vic Shao  The past few weeks of sunny weather have been paying off, literally, for California’s solar companies. On March 16th the state set a new record by drawing more than 16% of our energy use from solar energy. But even that isn’t enough for those of us that want to … [continued]

$100,000 For Top Energy Apps

Think you could come up with a top energy app? Think it’s so good you deserve some money to develop it? If so, apply for some of the $100,000 that will be awarded for top apps through the US Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy contest. Note that the prizes will … [continued]

New $3 LED Bulb Lasts 60 Years

The battle between CFL and LED bulbs may finally be over thanks to researchers at Cambridge University who have developed a $3 LED bulb that lasts for 60 years. The bulb, which is smaller than a penny, is 12 times more efficient than tungsten bulbs and three times more efficient … [continued]