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California Valley Solar Ranch, almost ready for prime time

California Solar Farms Bring Home-Grown Solar Power (Exclusive Photos & Video)

Sure, we’ve all heard about the skyrocketing growth of PV solar power in the state. We’ve reported it here, and on planetsave. But to see it happening is something else entirely. Riding from Los Angeles to Monterey to cover eRoadRacing for Gas2, I discovered California Valley is in the process of becoming a massive source of energy for the state. The valley has been largely uninhabitable for decades, thanks to excessive nitrates in the groundwater from all the cattle farming nearby. Here I stop and ask the only questions they’re allowed to answer about Topaz Farms.

First Phase Of 800-MW Solar Project Begins

  “We are thrilled to see the initial phase of this eventual 800-megawatt solar project, and the first of our many solar (photovoltaic) projects under development, begin construction,” said 8minutenergy Renewables CEO Martin Hermann after completion of this mega project (or simply the first mega phase of this mega project). The … [continued]