California RPS

California installed solar capacity graphic via SEIA

California Utility-Scale Solar Energy Surpasses Wind Energy For 1st Time

2015 saw a shift in the balance of utility-scale renewable energy power in California. A recent report notes that utility-scale solar energy jumped past wind for the first time within the state. Vaisala notes public records from the California Independent Systems Operations (CAISO) show California utility-scale solar energy in 2015 … [continued]

Solar, Renewable Grid Parity, or Better, in California’s Latest Renewable Power Auction

Yes, that’s right: grid parity is here, well in California at least…and a lot faster than most ever thought possible. The weighted average highest cost of solar and other renewable power contracts accepted by California utilities in the state’s Renewable Auction Market (RAM) auction amounted to 8.9 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for 20-year power purchase contracts, the Vote Solar Initiative reported March 30. Though this doesn’t include transmission costs, $0.089/kWh is well below the average residential electricity cost of 15 cents per kWh in California in 2011, and that’s the weighted average highest cost of the accepted offers to the state’s electricity distributors.