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Clean Links: Solar, Wind, Energy Efficiency, Clean Transport, Energy Storage, Geothermal, & Waste-2-Energy News Roundup

  Some other top cleantech posts from the past couple weeks or so: Wind Power 1. Vestas published an interesting video on the chemistry of wind turbine blades (above) — interesting. 2. “A consortium led by GICON Grossmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH has developed a floating platform designed to be used for offshore … [continued]

California Extends Expired Solar Rebates Creating Free Energy

Last December California Solar Initiative (CSI) funding for non-profits ran out too soon. Schools, churches, and other non-profits were using up their utility rebates for solar too fast. This week, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that pumps additional money into the program.

The CSI program has resulted in nearly 1 GW of rooftop solar, employed over 36,000 people and leveraged $4.5 billion in private capital. There are now more solar roofs in California than four other nations worldwide.
These roofs will pump out solar power for about 40 years, with the latter

Top 10 Clean Energy States (& Bottom 10)

Any “top 10” list is going to be a bit ambiguous, unless you’re ranking something that is very simply scored and ranked, like sports teams. Ranking states or countries on cleantech matters, especially cleantech or clean energy as a whole, is a little more difficult. So, I steer away from making such lists. However, if someone else makes one, it’s a fun thing to cover.

Clean Edge recently published its 2nd annual U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index, which includes critical data and analysis on the nation’s clean energy landscape. Included in the index is a ranking of the states according to their clean energy leadership. Can you guess the top 10?