California carbon tax

California Offers Up To $9,500 To Purchase Used Or New Electric Vehicle, Focus On Lower-Income…

I understand income barriers. So, bravo to California for helping those who want to change afford to change. California’s new electric vehicle (EV) incentives for the lower income help them improve air quality and fight climate change by going electric. They can now get $9,500 in EV incentives in certain regions, or even $14,000 if you add in state incentives and all requirements are met.

Surprise! Even A Crazy-High Carbon Tax Would Help California Businesses

This material, Surprise! Even A Crazy-High Carbon Tax Would Help California Businesses, was published by ThinkProgress. According to a new study out of California, taxing carbon emissions at a whopping $200 per ton would create more jobs in the state than business-as-usual. The report was commissioned by Citizens Climate Lobby and carried out by Regional Economic … [continued]