The Burden of Picking an Energy Loser

  U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas) issued an odd tweet about U.S. energy policy last month: Odd, because the Republican brand has always gone hand in glove with national defense, which is indisputably the government’s job. A critical part of that job involves the ability to get the best … [continued]

San Diego Solar Energy Provider Closes $47mm Project Fund

San Diego’s Borrego Solar has closed a new, $47 million fund with U.S. Bank and East West Bank, another indication that private sector US financial institutions view solar energy as a viable, sound investment choice. Borrego’s intergrated power purchase agreement cuts customers’ up-front capital costs significantly and improves the cash flow profile of solar energy systems’ projects.

UCSD Installs 1.2 MW Solar Array

The University of California, San Diego, in support of its ambitious goal of being the greenest university in the U.S., are installing a 1.2 MW solar electric system as part of its comprehensive sustainable energy program. This system will contribute approximately 1.5 million kW hours of clean energy to the … [continued]