Bicycle & Transit News Link Bomb (Bike Commuting, Hyperloop, Facebook Ridesharing…)

Carrying on with these “link bombs,” here’s one dedicated to bike & transit news (and views): Bicycling Bike Commuting 101 Bicycle Infrastructure Fail(s) Bogotá Gets Two-Way Bike Lane On Important Street How Bikesharing Can Gain Popularity Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business Bikeshare Transit Act Introduced to Help Fund Bikeshare Projects The Ultimate Indicator of a Bicycle-Friendly City Meet The Affordable, … [continued]

“Bogotá Change” Reveals a Refreshed Bogota in Film

  [youtube] Passionate film is documentary film. Documentary film is concerned, is about educating, and, in this case, about applauding the overcoming of the old. The recently released Sundance film Bogotá Change, part of Cities on Speed (trailer above), is the documentary I’m talking about, and it looks like a must-watch. “Bogota has transformed from … [continued]