Blix Packa

Shelter-At-Home Project: Electric Bikes Unlock A New Avenue For Safe, Free Workouts

Working from home also likely means far less physical activity than our bodies are used to as even the short walks to the car, office, and around the world that was are no longer an option. Instead, we now make fully armored trips to the store, outings to dust the cobwebs off the car, and far more attention to the garden than is healthy. Such is life, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Blix Packa electric cargo bike (image: screenshot from Blix website)

Car-Free Living & Safe Electric Bicycling: The New Blix Cargo Bicycle Is Ready To Replace…

I’ve written about bicycles, bicycle safety, and, yes, cargo bicycles before — many times. Now, I’m offering more appreciation to my favorite e-bicycle of late, the Blix Aveny. Blix has a press release out about its new addition, and this cargo e-bicycle is even better for someone like me — it’s a compact … [continued]