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New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions Completes New York’s 1st Interoperable, On-Route Charger Solution For Transit Buses

New Flyer of America Inc. (“New Flyer”), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), the largest bus manufacturer in North America, today announced that New Flyer Infrastructure SolutionsTM has successfully deployed two rapid, on-route chargers along New York City Transit Authority’s (“NYCT”) M42 route. This marks the completion of the first on-route charging solution in the United States that uses a globally recognized system to allow vehicle and charging equipment interoperability to common interfaces.

The Portrait Of An Industry At The Crossroads

Originally Published in the ECOreport Black & Veatch polled 576 industry participants for its “2014 Strategic Directions: US Electric Industry.” At one point they referred to it as the portrait of an industry at the crossroads. “Perhaps the biggest challenge to electric utilities today is the fundamental threat to their … [continued]

Coal to Lead U.S. Energy Mix Even as Many Older Plants Convert to Natural Gas

According to a recent Black & Veatch survey of electric utilities, coal will remain part of the overall electric energy for some time to come, even though a number of older coal burning plants can expect to be retired. As coal-burning plants are made more efficient or converted to natural gas, significant increases in utility pricing should be expected over the coming years.

Energy Mix Predictions for 2035

The energy industry “is caught in the middle of the world’s uncertainty whirlpool, surrounded by currents of market, regulatory and technical forces that all await resolution,” Black & Veatch (B&V), a large global engineering, consulting and construction company, writes. But while there is plenty of uncertainty, many of us want … [continued]