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30% Of Cities In The US With Shared Micromobility Options Had Both Bikeshare & Scootershare…

In 2022, 401 cities in North America (363 in the U.S.) had micromobility options. 30% of all cities with micromobility systems offered both scootershare and bikeshare, while 36% offered scootershare only and 34% offered only bikeshare. While all scootershare systems are fully electric, bikeshare systems consist of both e-bikes and … [continued]

Image credit: From City Lab

A Tale Of Bike Sharing & Transit In Two Cities

Many Americans think that bicycling is pure recreational fun. Fresh air, exercise, and adventure being the reason that people bicycle these days. But the culture is shifting toward bicycling to work, to the grocery, to a restaurant, and even for long distant travel. Many activities now involve a bicycle. Americans spend about $81 billion a … [continued]