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Plunger-Protected Bike Lanes #Winning

In many cities, concern for bicycle infrastructure is improving. (That’s in spite of distressing political moves to eliminate healthful, people-friendly, air-friendly transportation options such as bicycling.) In other cities, it is more difficult to change those settings due to to the car-centric mindset of the residents and policymakers there. However, promoting change with inexpensive, innovative barriers has helped a few cities to shift toward two-wheeled, pedal-powered transport. Here are two examples of such an approach, followed by an explanation:

Protected Bike Lane Stats, Galore!

Originally published on Bikocity. As someone who is more than peevish when it comes to biking (for good reason — I have crashed my bike into fences and the like just from being a space cadet), my routes generally revolve around empty streets and protected bike lanes. Hence, I am … [continued]

Bicycle & Transit News Link Bomb (Bike Commuting, Hyperloop, Facebook Ridesharing…)

Carrying on with these “link bombs,” here’s one dedicated to bike & transit news (and views): Bicycling Bike Commuting 101 Bicycle Infrastructure Fail(s) Bogotá Gets Two-Way Bike Lane On Important Street How Bikesharing Can Gain Popularity Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business Bikeshare Transit Act Introduced to Help Fund Bikeshare Projects The Ultimate Indicator of a Bicycle-Friendly City Meet The Affordable, … [continued]