bike commuting

Image courtesy of LeMond Bikes.

Over Half of 2022 Bike Trips in USA Were for Social or Recreational Purposes

Fifty-two percent of all bike trips in 2022 were for social or recreational purposes. The next most common trip purpose was for church/school, followed by commuting from home to work. In total, there were about 2.2 billion bike trips taken in 2022. Source: Federal Highway Administration, 2022 NextGen National Household Travel Survey … [continued]

My Month Commuting With An eBike (#CleanTechnica Review)

Over the last few weeks, I have supremely enjoyed exploring new ways to get around and feel that the new modes of electrified, partially electrified or completely manual zero-emission forms of transportation that are being developed are changing the way our cities will work. I don’t want my kids to take cars to work when they’re my age, even if they are fully autonomous and get you around for pennies on the dollar. It’s so much more fun to get out and try a new mode of transportation to get to work.

25% Of London Rush Hour Vehicles Are Bikes

This article originally appeared on Bikocity. Cyclists account for more than 24% of the vehicles on the roads of London during the morning rush hour, according to the new data from Transport for London. That’s quite an impressive percentage…. Seems that there’s no longer any denying how mainstream bicycling has … [continued]