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Corridors Of Safety: Urban Transformation In Tanzania’s Capital, Safer Children Mean Better Neighborhoods

Chaos often reigns on the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital. Minivans, cars and motorcycles careen along half-finished roads without markings, sidewalks, or traffic lights. Pedestrians walk single-file within reach of speeding vehicles. Groups of children in matching school uniforms hold hands as they linger at the road’s edge. They scan for breaks in traffic and dart across before the bell rings for the start of class. Every day, this journey puts their lives at risk.

Volvo Cars Presents Life-Saving Bike Helmet (Wearable Tech) — 1st In World

Avoiding accidents just got easier. A 2-way communication — between a bicycle helmet and a connected car — detects and offers proximity alerts to Volvo drivers and to bicyclists. The technology warns both car and bike traveler of oncoming traffic and triggers an auto-braking faculty in the Volvo. This first-in-the-industry safety technology offers a solution to … [continued]

Copenhagen’s New LED Bus Stops

Here’s another ingenious and practical infrastructure story from our mentor in all things bicycle and mass transit, Copenhagen. Safety is not a small issue with bicyclists and pedestrians. Copenhagen has many bus stops and cycle tracks with a lot of bicyclists and pedestrians, which provides the need to really integrate them … [continued]