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Lumos Matrix Helmet — The Gold Standard In Bike Safety

It’s not often that we write reviews of a bike helmet on CleanTechnica. For most people, and for most helmets, there’s nothing special. You find one that fits on your head and that meets the applicable safety standards, adjust it to fit, and go. Lumos decided to go above and beyond the normal with their new Matrix helmet. Not only does it protect your head, but it has features that can help prevent an accident from happening in the first place.

Volvo Cars Presents Life-Saving Bike Helmet (Wearable Tech) — 1st In World

Avoiding accidents just got easier. A 2-way communication — between a bicycle helmet and a connected car — detects and offers proximity alerts to Volvo drivers and to bicyclists. The technology warns both car and bike traveler of oncoming traffic and triggers an auto-braking faculty in the Volvo. This first-in-the-industry safety technology offers a solution to … [continued]