Is Nuclear Power As Safe As The BBC Claims?

The nuclear industry has based much of its analysis on what I believe is demonstrably flawed thinking. I would classify numbers from the nuclear industry in three types. Some are predictably spot-on. Some are predictably off, with the true value turning out to be greater by a factor of two or more. And some are predictably, and sometimes demonstrably, off by at least an order of magnitude. Which number falls into which category seems to depend entirely on what it is to be used for.

Nerdalize Heater Provides Heating Solution

The Nerdalize heater, an innovative e-radiator drawing its power from large computer cooling systems, may turn out to be an affordable heating solution for residential and commercial customers, putting excess heat to good use. According to the Dutch-based Nerdalize: The Nerdalize heater contains high-performance servers in the form of a … [continued]

The Top 10 Energy Storage Countries Are…

As renewable technologies begin to mature, more and more attention is focusing on energy storage, which has tremendous implications for the current makeup and economics of energy grids. BBC published a chart at the beginning of March that listed the top 10 nations of the world in terms of energy storage … [continued]