ChatGPT & DALL-E generated image of a tiny hydrogen train broken down on Bavarian tracks with an engineer trying to figure out what's wrong as a chorus sings discordantly.

Bavaria Enters Act 3 of Tragicomic Odyssey Of The Hydrogen Fleet

The hydrogen chorus is again singing, discordantly and joyfully, as Bavaria continues along the tragicomic journey which inevitably leads to abandoning hydrogen after wasting much governmental money and delaying electrification. A tiny, two-car Siemens light-rail passenger train has completed trials this week and sometime in 2024 will go into service, … [continued]

BMW i3s Join Another Police Force

Originally published on EV Obsession. Editor’s Note: The BMW i3 was also recently adopted for some police cars in Los Angeles, and the BMW i8 has been acquired by the Dubai police force. A number of brand new BMW i3s were recently delivered to the Bavarian Police, according to recent … [continued]

Younicos Delivers Largest Storage System Yet For Bavaria, Germany 

Innovative energy storage developer Younicos has installed an intelligent energy storage system designed to facilitate better grid management around the town of Tussenhausen in Bavaria, Germany. The installation was carried out under the ‘Smart PowerFlow’ project, a partnership between Younicos, Bavarian grid operator LEW distribution GmbH (LVN), the Reiner Lemon … [continued]

Small German Town Becomes Smart Grid Testing Ground

Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Laurie Guevara-​Stone A small German town in southern Bavaria is participating in an interesting experiment proving that a high-renewables future is viable. Wildpoldsried (pop. 2,600) currently produces 500 percent more energy than it needs through renewable energy systems, and sells the surplus power … [continued]