battery supply chain

The Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database highlights companies at various points in the supply chain, ranging from mining and raw materials production to end-of-life recycling. Graphic by Joelynn Schroeder, NREL

NREL Battery Supply Chain Database Maps Out the State of North America’s Manufacturing Base

As the United States continues to transition to clean energy, strengthening the domestic supply chain by increasing the availability of critical materials is paramount to enabling greater domestic manufacturing. This focus on securing the clean energy supply chain—in particular domestically—is a key part of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) … [continued]

Image of the company's first US battery factory in Liberty, NC courtesy of Toyota

The Southeast US Battery Belt Is Learning To Love EVs

Laid-off workers in the Southeast have a new option. As electric vehicle battery plants rise in the region, they’re accompanied by good jobs, and these jobs are better paying than any of the previous textile or furniture industry positions from years past. EV battery plants are reinvigorating areas left destitute … [continued]

Digital Battery Passports Coming to EU

Starting in February 2027, all new traction batteries, two-wheeled vehicle batteries, and industrial batteries with a capacity of over 2 kWh that are marketed in the EU will require a digital battery passport. The purpose is to ensure transparency and sustainability in the battery value chain, reduce environmental impacts, and … [continued]

The EV Battery Supply Chain Explained

Introduction What are the problems in the EV battery supply chain and how can we improve it? The transportation sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the US economy, and about half its emissions come from light-duty vehicles alone. To avoid the disastrous effects of a 1.5°C increase … [continued]