Are EV Fleets the Answer?

The expected cost reductions for electric vehicle purchases have not eventuated yet. So, are fleets the answer? A recent note from AVERE suggests that the decarbonization of fleet vehicle purchases may accelerate the availability of used electric vehicles in the European market. “The European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) is the … [continued]

The End of the European ICE Age

A recent report from Boldt and Avere examined the state of progress of European automakers’ attitudes to the uptake of electric vehicles. Although there was some reluctance to go first, it appears now that there is a greater aversion to be the last to introduce and promote EVs. Perhaps one … [continued]

Elon Asks, Poland Delivers — EV Emojis For The World

Reporting from the frontlines of the EV revolution in Poland, I’m back with some good news after a long absence here. Yes, I felt a little upset about the Tesla Berlin thing. It hurt, Elon, especially when there was so much potential next door. But we Poles are not grudge-bearers (unless it’s about soccer), so be assured you still have many friends here. As a token of this friendship, we thought we would make one of your wishes come true. I guess not only yours, but you have mentioned it at least once or twice.

Europe EV Sales Up 49%

Originally published on EV Obsession. More than 75,000 electric vehicles were registered in the European market in 2015, according to the most recent figures from Avere France. The top 4 markets in Europe for the year — Norway, France, the UK, and Germany — accounted for roughly 75% of all … [continued]