TeslaRaj Helps You Automate Your Daily Tesla Routine With NFC Tags

Owning a Tesla already makes life so much easier, eliminating the need to go to a gas station to fill up (how 20th century!), letting owners produce the energy they need for daily driving with a rooftop solar system, navigating anywhere with a simple voice command, and taking control of the car from a smartphone. Raj is the insatiable technologist behind the YouTube channel TeslaRaj and he is constantly looking for ways to make the Tesla ownership experience that much easier.

Are Humans Really Ready For The Automation Of All Things, Including Self-Driving Vehicles?

The advent of automation means we went from foraging grub with our nails millions of years ago to regularly flying across nations. Automation has been heralded as the freer of time, opening a world of creativity over mindless drone-like activities. While automation certainly has eased many tasks, it has also offered a new set of complex problems mostly due to adaptation. Humans want changes, but are we ready for the automation of all things? Moreover, what does this mean for the future of electric mobility and how will we use it?