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New Indiana House Bill Would Impede Tesla’s Direct Sales Model

Following unsuccessful attempts last year to limit Tesla’s ability to sell directly to customers in the state, pro-dealership forces in Indiana have already begun this year’s anti-Tesla efforts. … The newly proposed House Bill 1592 (authored by Representative Edmond Soliday) would effectively stop Tesla from selling within the state by 2019 (based on a couple of somewhat flexible assumptions).

Tesla Loses Ability To Sell Cars In Missouri … Then Regains It

The ongoing battle between Tesla Motors and various auto dealership associations throughout the country grinds on … with Tesla apparently losing the ability to sell directly to consumers in Missouri (following the decisions by a local judge to deny Tesla’s request to temporarily halt his earlier judgment while the case is appealed). However, Tesla was then quickly granted its motion to stay (or temporarily halt) the lower court’s judgment by the Missouri Court of Appeals.