Atlantic Wind Connection

Offshore Wind Power Market about to Boom (Report)

A new report out by Pike Research tells us what many of us have been expecting already — offshore wind power is reaching a critical “this-makes-sense” (or “this-makes-cents”) point and is about to boom.

The report finds that total installed wind power generation capacity will increase 17 times over the next 6 years…

Google’s Clean Energy Projects (7 Big Ones)

Google is one of the largest clean energy corporate leaders in the U.S. If we had more Googles (and fewer Facebooks or Apples), it looks like we’d have a much brighter future. Hopefully others will follow Google’s lead sooner than later on this front, or even try to one-up it. With a number of recent clean energy project announcements, I thought it might be nice to run down a list of Google’s major projects of the last year or so.