"Depaving" by STORM Outreach is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Impervious Surfaces Lose Appeal, Depaving Movement Gains Momentum

Urban pavements, which help to maintain clean and secure streets, generate large amounts of runoff that aggravate flooding and degrade the quality of surface water. In the context of the ecological and climatic crisis, they also contribute to the creation of heat islands in cities, less water infiltration, less CO2 storage … [continued]

Buy Clean Takes Center Stage at U.S. DOT & Other Agencies

Both the Biden administration and Congress recognize the importance of investing big in a clean and globally competitive industrial manufacturing base. A cornerstone of that effort is leveraging the federal government’s purchasing power to buy cleaner concrete, steel, and other industrial materials to catalyze market transformation. The Biden administration has … [continued]

When You’re Done with That Old Road, Recycle It

The Virginia Department of Transportation is on a recycling tear. Not satisfied with mere cans and bottles, the agency is recycling an entire stretch of Interstate 81 in Augusta County. Believed to be the first time that three different road recycling procedures have been used in combination, the project will take two-thirds less time than conventional road reconstruction. It will also save millions of dollars, and reduce the carbon footprint associated with construction vehicles and equipment.