Image courtesy of Sugar Hollow Solar

Bringing Solar Power to the People

By addressing equity issues, RMI’s Solarize cohorts have made rooftop solar and lower electricity bills available to more people around the country. Shaketia Simpson loved the idea of powering her house with solar energy, but always thought of it as a future project because it was too expensive. Simpson, an … [continued]

Electrify America Appreciation & Suggestions From A Frequent EV Charging Friend

I absolutely appreciate the network of charging stations that Electrify America is providing. I used the network almost exclusively in a 4 state drive with a short-range electric vehicle (EV). I  drove the 2015 BMW i3 from Electrify America charging station to charging station from deep in Florida to the Appalachians and then back. I had some problems, some small delays, but never had to leave any group of stations without a charge. Yet, I think my suggestions should be taken seriously.