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GT is a sponsor and will be providing its flagship simulation software, GT-SUITE, to some of the participating teams. Stellantis will be donating RAM ProMaster EVs to the competing groups. (Photo: Business Wire)

Gamma Technologies Proudly Sponsors Battery Workforce Challenge to Develop the Next Generation of EV Battery…

WESTMONT, Illinois — Gamma Technologies (GT), a global leader and innovator in multi-physics systems simulation software, announced its sponsorship of the Battery Workforce Challenge (BattChallenge), a 3-year collegiate competition aimed at fostering the next generation of engineers and technicians critical to the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry. GT will provide … [continued]

Midjourney-generated image of energy flows around the globe.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform US Energy Infrastructure

Groundbreaking report provides ambitious framework for accelerating clean energy deployment while minimizing risks and costs in the face of climate change One hundred experts from the fields of clean energy and artificial intelligence met at Argonne for two days to discuss how to secure America’s energy future and leadership. The AI for … [continued]

Researchers used transmission electron microscopy (left) and X-ray techniques (right) to observe the defects that led to failure in sodium-ion battery cathodes. Eliminating these defects will allow these batteries to last longer. Image courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory Image courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory

Scientists Find the Potential Key to Longer-Lasting Sodium Batteries for Electric Vehicles

The Science Lithium-ion batteries are the standard for electric vehicles, but their raw materials are costly and can have unreliable supply chains. Sodium-ion batteries are an alternative that could alleviate some of these challenges. However, the performance of these batteries declines rapidly with repeated charges and discharges. This is a major barrier … [continued]