Apartment EV Charging & Ownership May Be Easier Than You Think

One of the largest obstacles standing in the way of widespread electric vehicle adoption is the often daunting setup required to outfit customers who live in apartments with adequate charging infrastructure. While most EV enthusiasts and media sites advocate for owners of electric vehicles to charge at home, this can be a rather troublesome hurdle to overcome for potential buyers who live in apartments.

EverCharge & Schneider Electric Partner To Deliver Multi-Tenant Charging Solutions

Installing and managing electric vehicle (EV) charging for multi-tenant buildings continues to be an opportunity. A new global collaboration between two giants in the industry — Schneider Electric and EverCharge — aims directly at that pain point. The collaboration bundles Schneider Electric’s mastery in energy management and automation with EverCharge’s intelligent, scalable, … [continued]

$1.4 Million For Apartment/Condo EV Charging

Originally published on EV Obsession. EverCharge is one of the top companies out there currently catering to the multi-tenant-property electric vehicle (EV) charging station market, and it has just secured a new seed investment of $1.4 million. The new financing deal was headed by the venture capital fund “Bolt” — a … [continued]