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Big Oil Faces A Formidable Foe In Fight Against Electric Vehicles

Electric utilities are keen on electric vehicles these days — they see them as a future revenue source. Utilities from California to Florida to Michigan are sponsoring the installation of public charging stations, and some are offering rebates to customers for installing home chargers. To date, at least 50 utilities in 25 states have launched or proposed programs to encourage the buildout of charging infrastructure.

Open Letter To The Koch Brothers: How You Can Help The Environment And Make More…

Before I get to the letter, I should let you know, I don’t hate the Koch brothers like many readers do. I have worked with some of the organizations they support, like Americans for Prosperity (I worked with them to oppose government funding of sports stadiums, which benefit well connected rich sport fans but hurt everyone else) and several other projects, including criminal justice reform. Admittedly, I do also hate some of the actions that they have been accused of, like spreading misinformation on electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla’s Enemies Are Perfecting The FUD Machine, & Playing The Media

Tesla’s vehicles are the three top-selling EVs in the US market. Model S has been consistently outselling every competing large luxury sedan for years, and it appears as if Model 3 will similarly dominate the small sedan segment. The company continues merrily producing 5,000 Model 3s per week, and teardowns by two sets of auto industry experts (Munro & Associates and a group commissioned by German automakers) have concluded that the new EV should deliver a healthy profit margin.