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“Good Chance” Tesla Model 3 Will Be Most “Made In America” Car

What is an “American-made car?” If it comes from GM, Ford, or Chrysler, does that make it “American?” Truth to tell, in the era of globalization, it’s hard to say. Cars can be assembled in America from parts made in Canada or Mexico or any other country on earth. That shiny new Belchfire 5000 in your driveway may look like an American car, but how do you really know? Many people are curious about the upcoming Tesla Model 3. How “American made” will it be?

Three Reasons Universities Are Buying Renewable Energy

Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Stephen Abbott Colleges and universities have always been focal points of change. The mixture of academic research, student activism, and institutional clout has allowed campus communities to promote widespread technical and social transformations. During the last few years, a few of these institutions … [continued]