American Petroleum Institute

API Smashes Brakes As Momentum For Methane Action Grows

Originally published by Union of Concerned Scientists, The Equation. By Julie McNamara, senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The American Petroleum Institute? Blink once. Touting its work with the Environmental Protection Agency? Blink twice. On methane regulations? Scrunch, unscrunch. Oh, this should be good. For … [continued]

Big Oil Faces A Formidable Foe In Fight Against Electric Vehicles

Electric utilities are keen on electric vehicles these days — they see them as a future revenue source. Utilities from California to Florida to Michigan are sponsoring the installation of public charging stations, and some are offering rebates to customers for installing home chargers. To date, at least 50 utilities in 25 states have launched or proposed programs to encourage the buildout of charging infrastructure.

Other Nations Support Electric Cars. In The US, They’re Supposedly A Threat To Gas Tax…

Governments in Europe and China are trying to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles by offering subsidies and incentives, and it’s working. In Norway, EVs are exempt from taxes, and drivers receive perks such as free parking and reduced tolls. Almost 60 percent of new cars sold in the country in March were fully electric. China’s combination of incentives and mandates is acting as a magnetic force, sucking the global EV industry out of America and Europe and into China, where over a million electric cars were sold in 2018.