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“Clean Gas” More Dangerous Than Coal (VIDEOS)

Originally published on Planetsave. Turns out that just about everyone (including President Obama) has been hugely underestimating the methane pollution levels of so-called “clean gas.” The booming American economy now seems to come at a greater cost than we originally thought when we found out that natural gas produces only … [continued]

Solar Net Metering Survival & Progress In Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, & Utah

Originally published on PV Solar Report. Net metering continues to be a theme for solar, with legislative victories in several states. Massachusetts looks forward to favorable outcomes despite attempts to weaken net metering there. Last week, we reported on legislation in Massachusetts that would increase homeowners’ access to net metering … [continued]

Amidst Major Solar Battle, Arizona’s Largest Utility Quietly Renews ALEC Membership

Originally published on ClimateProgress by Kiley Kroh As hearings begin to determine the fate of Arizona’s booming solar industry, Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility, quietly renewed its membership in the corporate anti-clean energy group the American Legislative Exchange Council after publicly leaving it in 2012. APS spokesman Jim McDonald told the Arizona Capitol … [continued]