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Air-frying a 3D-printed plant-based calamari ring resulted in a quick, tasty snack. Image credit: Poornima Vijayan

3D-Printed Vegan Seafood Could Someday Be What’s For Dinner (Video)

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 13, 2023 — In the refrigerated grocery store aisle, meat alternatives greatly outnumber plant-based seafoods. But more mock seafood options are needed because of unsustainable fishing and aquaculture practices, which can deplete the supply and harm the environment. Today, researchers present a new approach for creating desirable … [continued]

Tracking Air Pollution Disparities — Daily — From Space (Video)

CHICAGO, Aug. 22, 2022 — Studies have shown that pollution, whether from factories or traffic-snarled roads, disproportionately affects communities where economically disadvantaged people and Hispanic, Black and Asian people live. As technology has improved, scientists have begun documenting these disparities in detail, but information on daily variations has been lacking. … [continued]

Bacteria Batteries In The Future?

When it comes to storing electricity from renewable sources, bacteria may have a bright future alongside lithium. This may be great news as demand grows for storing renewable electricity. Scientists report in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters a first-of-its-kind development toward that goal: a rechargeable battery driven … [continued]

Boron For Better Batteries

Tina about one year ago wrote about Rice University research exploring the benefits from the use of boron in batteries. Rice has an update for us, reposted below (with minor changes). Frustration led to revelation when Rice University scientists determined how graphene might be made useful for high-capacity batteries. Calculations by … [continued]