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One Man Behind The White House Effort To Convert Federal Fleet To Electric Vehicles

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) fuel and vehicle regulations expert Ted Sears has been tasked with supporting the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in efforts to convert the federal fleet to zero-emission vehicles. The appointment follows a January 2021 Biden Administration executive order that set a goal of achieving 100% acquisition of … [continued]

Argonne Study On Costs & Benefits Of New Transportation Technologies The Most Comprehensive To Date

A new Argonne study offers the most complete understanding yet of the costs of owning and operating a vehicle and how those costs vary by powertrain, from the conventional to the cutting-edge. Advanced vehicle technologies are sometimes more expensive to purchase than conventional technologies but often pay for themselves in reduced … [continued]

NREL Research Illuminates Optimistic Future for Vehicle Electrification

The transportation sector is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the nation, and electric vehicles (EVs) offer a promising ­­pathway toward decarbonization. With decreasing purchase prices, charging improvements, cleaner electricity, and consumer and industry support, the future of EVs has never been brighter. Cutting-edge research from the National … [continued]