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$169 Million To Accelerate Electric Heat Pump Manufacturing In USA

Funding from President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and the Defense Production Act Will Boost U.S. Manufacturing, Grow the Clean Energy Workforce, and Lower Energy Costs for Families NEW ORLEANS, LA — As part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Investing in America agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a historic $169 million … [continued]

Classic Blue Marble. Made by Reto Stockli who I brought from Switzerland to work in my Lab. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

10 Takeaways On What We Need To Do & Not Do To Save The Planet

We have had all-time record temperatures both for the last 12 months and this past July. We’ve had record heat waves in the Middle East and the Southwest US. The fires this year in Hawaii and in 2018 in California have been the most destructive in over 100 years. In … [continued]

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What Are Heat Pump Air Conditioners?

The world recently experienced its hottest month on record. And with climate change fueling increasingly routine heat waves across the map, leaving a worrisome trail of health emergencies and deaths, keeping cool is a matter of health and safety like never before. Shoppers considering buying a new air conditioner—whether that’s … [continued]

Heat Pumps — Clean Energy 101

Why heat pumps are a cost-effective and climate-friendly solution for extreme heat waves and frigid winters. Summer in the northern hemisphere is just a few weeks old, but temperature records have already toppled as heat waves baked regions from Scandinavia to Japan to the United States. The heat came early in India and … [continued]

Heat Pumps & Efficiency — Other Key Solutions To Texas’ Electricity Woes

By Alejandra Mejia Cunningham & Pierre Delforge  As Texans continue to grapple with the devastation from recent winter storms, it is becoming increasingly clear that the failure of the state’s electric system was caused as much by an exceptional surge in demand for power as it was by a failure of power plants that weren’t equipped to handle the severe weather. The … [continued]