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Tesla Battery Cells, Modules, & Packs (Videos)

When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s all about the batteries. The appearance of powerful, low-cost batteries was the technological advance that made modern EVs possible. Tesla’s battery technology is one of the major reasons it has been able to leapfrog the legacy automakers. And it’s batteries that hold the key to the future of electrification: the quest to deliver EVs that can truly replace fossil fuel vehicles centers on improving battery technology.

Looking Inside Tesla Battery Cells (Video)

Ever wondered what’s inside a Tesla battery cell? Well, don’t do what this guy did in a pair of videos from ARIES RC. Opening lithium-ion batteries is a ticklish business. They contain carcinogens, caustic acids, and flammable chemicals that shouldn’t be handled without gloves, if at all. But whatever damage the video host may have done to his own health, there’s no harm for us in watching.

Cobalt, Ontario (Mining Ghost Town) May Be Brought To Life Thanks To EV Batteries

Ever since the release of The Economist’s video about the coming electric car age and 2018 being a tipping point, I’m more interested in cobalt and have read about the problems with cobalt mining. We all want particulate-free fresh air and zero CO2 emissions. It’s time to lose the tailpipe and get up to date with battery-powered cars. The driving force is technological progress with batteries. “The good news is that technology will march on regardless. Batteries will get better, cheaper, and more abundant. Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Panasonic, SK Innovation, Kreisel, and other will keep improving EV batteries to win more deals, and the EV market will improve and grow, as it has been.” But what will these batteries be made of, and where will we get the resources/materials?

Photo by Robyn Purchia

Clean Energy Gets Boost From California Public-Private Initiative

A few years ago, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and CalCEF joined forces to launch CalCharge, the first-ever, public-private consortium designed to be a “center of gravity” for the California energy storage cluster. And this week, after growing to include more labs and labor support, CalCharge announced its new corporate members at the Department of Energy’s … [continued]