Solar For After Dark: How CSP Works

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is the form of solar that can store the sun’s energy thermally for on-demand electricity generation. CSP is clean energy, like solar PV or wind, but the back end or the power block works like any thermal energy power station (coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants are thermal energy power stations). The difference is that instead of digging up a finite fuel from the earth, CSP harvests sunlight to make thermal energy.

Abengoa Granted Bankruptcy Protection In USA

Originally published on Planetsave. The financially troubled international renewable energy pioneer Abengoa, which filed for bankruptcy protection last November, has been granted bankruptcy protection under Chapter 15. This protection has been provided, in spite of the objections of a group of insurance companies claiming the Spanish renewables company’s talks to … [continued]

Masdar Desalination Pilots Move Into Optimization Phase

In early 2014, Zach covered an exciting desalination project that Masdar kicked off which specifically focused on improving the energy efficiency of the desalination process while also supporting it with renewable energy. Pulling the background from our previous article forward, CEO of Masdar Dr. Ahmad Belhoul shared some specifics: “Today, the Gulf region accounts for over 50% … [continued]

Solar Costs Continue To Plunge Globally

Originally published on RenewEconomy. Two stunning auction results in India and Chile in the last week have underscored the extraordinary gains that large-scale solar has made against its fossil fuel competitors. In both countries, solar is now clearly the cheapest option compared to new coal-fired power stations. In Chile, where … [continued]