EnergyHub & Toyota Collaborate to Support the Electrical Grid and Improve EV Ownership Experience

EnergyHub announces that they are collaborating with Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) to improve the electric vehicle (EV) ownership experience. A direct integration with EnergyHub’s platform enables Toyota and Lexus drivers to take advantage of certain utility programs designed to reduce the cost of charging for EV customers, while helping utilities … [continued]

Image courtesy of Kool Bass. Photos were taken in the Northern Territory. Used by permission.

Toyota Installs Chargers as the EV Penetration Rate Goes Over the Cliff in Australia

Now that’s two pieces of almost contradictory news. Toyota’s installing chargers, but there are fewer EVs being sold. Added to that, Fully Charged, now rebranded as Everything Electric, has come to Sydney for 2024. As we speak, car manufacturers that snubbed the program last year are exhibiting their offerings. 2024 … [continued]

Image courtesy of Kyle Field.

A Tale Of Two Toyotas: Doing More To Electrify America Than Anyone While Slowing Electrification

In this article, I explain how Toyota is helping and hurting the electrification of vehicles in the US and around the world. Speeding Electrification The Toyota Prius wasn’t just one of the first hybrids available, it became the preferred vehicle for those who wanted to virtue signal their interest in … [continued]