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Mercedes E350e Shines In Germany (#CleanTechnica Electric Car Sales Report)

The German plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) passenger car market cooled off somewhat in May, growing just 24% year over year (YoY) to 4,711 registrations. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) slowed down significantly (+6%), while fully electric cars (BEVs) continued growing at a healthy pace (+52%). In 2018, with all-electrics reaching 1% share and plug-in hybrids are dropping their share to 0.9%, the total PEV share of the German car market is 1.9%.

Electric Cars Up 137% In Germany, Approaching 2% Market Share

All signs point to a changing of the winds in Germany with regards to plug-in vehicles. Emissions scandal after emissions scandal have raked the confidence of the public in the German auto industry and many have started to take action. Sales number from August show that nearly 2% (1.88% to be exact) of new vehicle sales in Germany were plug-in vehicles, with fully electric vehicles up +137%. That’s a higher percentage share of new vehicle sales than in the United States.