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Company: Aventon

Aventon Level.2 review: Truly a top-class commuter electric bike, but for one thing
Image courtesy Aventon.


Company: GOTRAX

Image courtesy GOTRAX.
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  • More info: GOTRAX is one of the most successful electric scooter brands in the business – and for good reason! Their scooters have great features like integrated locks and PIN codes for security, as well as durable matte finishes and clever pops of color to keep them looking fresh after plenty of use and abuse. More recently, the brand has expanded into the e-bike market with compact folding bikes, eMTBs, and more.


Company: Himiway

Image courtesy Himiway.
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  • More info: Himiway is best known for offering high-powered, long-range, fat-tired e-bikes at reasonable prices. We reviewed their Escape and Zebra bikes, among others, and came away smiling.


Company: Specialized

Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 Press Photo
Image courtesy Specialized.



Company: Fanttik

Image courtesy Fanttik.
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  • Save $20 on a li-ion tire inflator when you order using code “X8AX20” at checkout!
  • More info: Fanttik’s lineup of bicycle and automotive tools and accessories includes tire inflators, battery backups, jump-boxes, and more— making them a no-brainer addition to this list.


Company: Thousand Helmets

Image courtesy Thousand Helmets.
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  • More info: Thousand marries rider safety and mod-tastic style to make staying safe fun and fashionable. Thousand is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), which means they hold themselves accountable to their values, community, and planet, and not just their bottom line.


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