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Image from Polestar

Polestar Reduces Supply Chain Emissions through Integration of Renewable Fuels for Ocean Freight

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN — Polestar (Nasdaq: PSNY) is taking the next steps in reducing its supply chain emissions by integrating renewable fuels on its ocean freight routes, which account for around 75% of Polestar’s total transportation emissions. Polestar is now also operating its Vehicle Processing Centre (VPC) in Belgium on 100% … [continued]

On The Quest For Performance & Sustainable Mobility: Polestar 3 Cuts Its Carbon Footprint To…

Polestar 3 Cuts Its Carbon Footprint To 24.7 tCO2e By Reducing Aluminium & Battery Related Emissions Polestar creates exclusive electric performance cars that harness minimalistic design, technological innovations, and sustainable solutions to make the desirable choice and the right choice one and the same. As a result, the total cradle-to-gate … [continued]

First Drive: The Updated 2024 Polestar 2

The introduction of the Polestar 2 catapulted the brand into the mainstream, delivering Polestar’s signature Scandinavian design in a vehicle ready for the masses. It has been well received to date, with Polestar vehicles making their way into the homes of more than 150,000 customers. Gregor Hembrough, Head of USA … [continued]

Polestar 6 in Sky Blue. Image courtesy of Polestar.

Polestar Reaches Production Milestone

Volvo-owned Polestar has been gaining production steam in recent months, with the company even reaching an important milestone. Still, it’s proving tougher to catch up with Tesla’s massive production efforts than some thought, and competition from other companies like BYD have only made it harder. Polestar recently celebrated its 150,000th … [continued]