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Chevrolet Bolt — The Right Electric Car On The Wrong Continent

The Bolt EV was GM’s natural follow-up to the Volt’s pioneering steps into electromobility. With the compact plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) market covered with the Volt, it was time for GM to go after the fully electric (BEV) subcompact segment, and for that, GM teamed up with Korea’s LG. The result was a small yet space-efficient EV with a big, flat roller-skate battery between the wheels and a powerful motor. It was GM’s first BEV-dedicated platform.

Impressions From Mondial de Paris #MondialParis

The Paris Motor Show, “Mondial de Paris,” started a day early with a pre-show symposium for a select public: “Tomorrow in Motion.” Even a few journalists were invited, yours truly not among them. But the whole 5 hour happening was live on YouTube. Arriving early in the hotel near Paris and with pencil and paper in hand, the CleanTechnica delegation was ready for it. As a French organized mondial event, half of the presentations were in French. That means that I have no notion what they were about.

What Changed In The Electric Vehicle Market In November?

As part of our new “What Changed … ?” series, here’s a rundown of what changed in November in the EV market. Since this is a new series, I’ll reiterate what I wrote in the solar update (changing a few words): “To further clarify, this article doesn’t include interesting op-eds about solar and it doesn’t include news that we thought was worth covering but wasn’t really a change in the industry (like specific projects or reports — well, for the most part). It covers significant shifts, trends, and new opportunities in the solar market.”

Also, this update excludes battery stories since I covered EV batteries this month in “What Changed In The EV Battery Market In November?“

Chevy Bolt Sells Out In South Korea — 2,000 Orders, But Only 400 Available

The Chevy Bolt was introduced to the Korean market two weeks ago at the Seoul Motor Show, where it was greeted enthusiastically by local customers. The company’s original allocation of 400 cars was spoken for in under two hours. By the end of the show, Chevrolet had received 2,000 orders for the all-electric car. “It completely sold out,” GM Korea CEO James Kim said while unveiling the Bolt. “Next year, we will make an effort to prepare more Bolt EVs.”