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Obama Wins Cap and Trade War to Cut Ozone Pollution

Starting in January 2012, the EPA will implement the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) cap and trade program that will put a cap on ground-level ozone (smog) nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide that crosses state lines. The EPA cap and trade program will achieve similar results to the climate bill, making coal less attractive financially than clean energy.

The Obama administration may have lost the battle on cap and trade to cut climate change but it has won the war. Last year, his climate bill

Rand Paul Tries to Stop EPA’s Ozone Cap and Trade

The Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced S.J. Res 27 on September 8th, a resolution that would force EPA to scrap next January’s EPA implementation of cap and trade under the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) entirely. Then on September 12th, Republican House member Stephen Fincher of Tennessee introduced H.R. 2891 in the House, that would delay implementation by a decade.

Can Republicans prevent the EPA implementation of cap and trade to cut ozone pollution?

Cap and Trade Could Weatherproof Maine

Maine has just pioneered a world first towards being able to trade weatherization on the cap and trade market. MaineHousing had a goal to get every home and half the businesses in Maine weatherized within the next twenty years, but like most states, is starved for funds to help homeowners … [continued]