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The Gogoro Booth at the Japan Mobility Show (Photo from Gogoro)

Japanese Seem Familiar With Gogoro Swappable Battery Technology, Relating It To Bento Boxes Concept

The idea of swapping power in little boxes is not new to the Japanese. It is the stuff that makes their anime robot Kuromukuro alive, how spirits are trapped and harnessed, and how food is delivered to the table. Americans are familiar with the bento box — that Japanese lacquered … [continued]

Image provided by Bikebank and Gogoro.

How Did Gogoro Go From Stealth Startup To Global Battery-Swapping Leader in Just Over A…

Emergence Strategy in Action: Gogoro Seizes Opportunity in the Transition to Sustainable Mobility How did Gogoro go from stealth startup to being the largest worldwide provider of light EV battery swapping — all in a little over a decade? The company, which vastly simplifies the charging experience for the rapidly … [continued]

Image courtesy of Spiro

Spiro Targets 1 Million Electric Motorcycles & 3,000 Battery Charging & Swapping Stations In Kenya

Spiro has announced a historic deal to introduce more than one million electric motorcycles and clean energy infrastructure in Kenya. The plan includes battery charging and swapping stations. Kenyan President William Ruto attended the Spiro launch event in Mombasa, Kenya, and made the official announcement, highlighting the nation’s unwavering commitment … [continued]

Images courtesy of E-Safiri

First Solar-Powered Battery Charging & Swapping Hub For Rural Mobility Launches In Kenya

The global transition to electric mobility is going to be a game-changer for the African continent, and especially for the people living and working in rural areas of the continent. These areas are severely underserved in terms of transport services for people and their goods. This severely hampers their development … [continued]